Additional Value Services

We offer several additional services to help you achieve the results you want.

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Stock, traceability and origin of material

We offer a large range of
thermoplastic and elastomeric
materials in stock. In any case, we are at your disposal to define an exclusive stock on customer’s demand.

The entire course of materials batches
handled is rigorously map out: from the raw material manufacturer, up to the production process. Each batch has a
production and expiry date and
material is stocked in the best
proper way to grant a good

We, according to customer requests, can characterize the material through qualified

In-house manufacturing

Our production capacity allows us to manufacture components from ½” to 60”.
Our team, made of highly skilled workers, with a long experience in the execution of seals, can realize any kind of seals in accordance to customer’s drawing.

Technical support

Our technical staff has technical data sheets for each type of material managed and are always available to recommend customers
for the best choice of material to meet the chemical and mechanical compatibility requirements fixed by the sector.

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